Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction (30) (frases en inglés)


1- If you got the money honey we got your disease.

2- It's all a gamble
when it's just a game.

3- I've been lookin' for a trace,
lookin' for a heart,
lookin' for a lover in a world.

4- You can taste the bright lights
but you won't get there for free.

5- The surgeon general says
it's hazardous to breathe,
I'd have another cigarette
but I can't see.

6- You don't want my love,
you wanna satisfaction.

7- You can have everything you want
but you better not take it from me.

8- Everyone needs love,
you know that it's true,
someday you'll find someone
that'll fall in love with you.

9- When you're high you never
 ever want to come down.

10- My way, your way,
anything goes tonight.

11- I see you standin' there,
you think you're so cool,
why don't you just...
fuck off!.

12- C'mon and stop your cryin'
'cause we both know money burns.

13- If I say I don't need anyone,
I can say these thing to you,
'cause I can turn on anyone
just like I've turned on you.

14- Ya get nothin' for nothin',
if that's what you do,
turn around bitch I got a use for you.

15- I might be a little young
but honey, I ain't naive.

16- Don't stop trying;
and you'll get what you deserve.

17- Turn around bitch,
I got a use for you.

18- Everyone needs love.

19- If you need a shoulder
or if you need a friend,
I'll be here standing
until the bitter end.

20- I can tell you honey,
you can make my money tonight.

21- The love we shared
is lovin' that'll last forever.

22- No one needs the sorrow,
no one needs the pain,
I hate to see you
walking out there,
out in the rain.

23- Darlin' you're the only one.

24- Don't ever leave me,
say you'll always be there,
all I ever wanted,
was for you.

25- You can't tell me I lose my head.

26- Now and the when I see her face
she takes me away to that special place.

27- All I ever wanted,
was for you.

28- I get up around seven,
get outta bed around nine
and I don't worry about nothin' no,
cause worryin's a waste of my...time.

29- Everytime you think you know just what you're doin'
that's when your troubles exceed.

30- I've been lookin' for a trace,
lookin' for a heart,
lookin' for a lover in a world,
that's much too dark
because you don't want my love.