Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I (20) (frases en inglés)


1- When your innocence dies
you'll find the blues.

2- If it's lovin' you, I'm better of dead.

3- Lots of others came before you woman said
but you been the worst.

4- Not bad kids just stupid ones.

5- Lovers always come and lovers always go,
and no one really sure who's lettin' go today.

6- Sometimes these women are so easy.

7- Why let one bad apple
spoil the whole damn bunch?

8- Time's short your life's your own
and in the end
we are just...
dust n' bones.

9- If you want to love me,
 then darlin', don't refrain.

10- Live and let live.

11- It's not a problem you can stop,
It's rock n' roll!.

12- Don't you cry tonight
I still love you baby.

13- Don't ya tell me what my eyes see,
don't ya tell me who to believe in.

14- Don't you cry tonight,
there's a heaven above you baby.

15- I ain't superstitious
but I know when somethin's wrong.

16- Give me a whisper
and give me a sigh,
give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye.

17- Sometimes I wanna kill,
sometimes I wanna die,
sometimes I wanna destroy,
sometimes I wanna cry,
sometimes I could get even,
sometimes I could give up,
sometimes I could give,
sometimes I never give a fuck.

18- If you had better sense,
you'd just step aside from the bad side of me.

19- Back off, back off bitch,
face of an angel with the love of a witch.

20- I can't stop thinkin' 'bout seein' ya one more time
but I already left you and you're better off left behind.