Bob Marley - Catch a Fire (16) (English)

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1- We don't need no trouble;
what we need is love.

2- Man, you got to do your best.

3- No chains around my feet,
but I'm not free.

4- What we need is love.

5- Must be somewhere for me,
in this a concrete jungle.

6- I said that life,
it must be somewhere to be found,
instead of concrete jungle.

7-Everytime I hear the carck of a whip,
my blood runs cold.

8- Make love and not war!

9- I think it's illiteracy;
It's only a machine that makes money.

10- Some livin' big
but he most, livin' small.

11- So happy we will be
sharing the love that is free.

12- Today they say that we are free,
only to be chained in poverty.

13- I've never known happiness;
I've never known what sweet caress is...

14- What we need is love
to guide and protect us.

15- Where is the love to be found?

16- Please, don't let me down.