Big Time Rush - BTR (inglés) (30)


1- Don't look back,
don't hesitate
when you go big time.

2- If I run away tonight will you follow me?

3- Don't be scared to go put your trust in me,
can't you see all I really want to be is your boyfriend.

4- Listen to you heart.

5- I can't seem to get you out of my mind
and I ain't gonna stop until I make you mine.

6- The world stops when I put my arms around you.

7- Go and shake it up,
whatcha gotta lose?

8- Now I'm about to give you my heart
but remember this one thing,
I've never been in love before,
so you gotta go easy on me.

9- I don't care about the money,
don't care about the clothes,
when we're together, baby, anything goes.

10- It's the only life ya got,
so ya gotta live it big time.

11- I'm willing to put my trust in you,
baby you can put your trust in me.

12- Forget about our problems,
forget about our past,
I've seen the future
and I know we're gonna last.

13- I swear I'll do anything that I have to
'Til I gorget about you

14- Maybe this could be the line
that starts the whole story,
maybe you could be the one,
the one who's meant for me,
I know that I should wait
but what if you're my soulmate?

15- Wait a minute before you tell me anything,
how was your day?
'Cause I been missing you by my side.

16- You thought, I'de be here on my own,
waiting for you to knock on my door,
since you left I don't wait by the phone,
I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving.

17- I know that I should wait
but what if you're my soulmate?

18- Yes, I may meet a million pretty girls
that know my name
but don't you worry, no,
'Cause you have my heart.

19- Everyday I see you on your own
and I can't believe that you're alone.

20- You got me thinking
we could be a thing,
I know you know I got
your heart thumping,
I know you know we know
we got something.

21- Wherever the wind blows me
you're still the one and only girl on my mind.

22- I don't care at all what you done before,
all I really want is to be your.

23- If you could read my mind,
then all your doubts would be left behind.

24- If we never flew,
we would never fall.

25- Let me take a little momento
to find the right words,
so when I kick it to you
it ain't something that you've heard.

26- If the world is an apple,
then it's time to take a bite.

27- How are you ever gonna reach the stars,
if you never get off the ground.

28- I think got the kind of love that you deserve.

29- I don't have all the answers
but there is one thing I know for sure;
ones is good, but four is better.

30- So tell me who we are supposed to be?
What I gotta do to get you close to me?