Big Time Rush - 24/7 (inglés) (28)

1- Try and knock us down,
we'll get up every time.

2- You drive me crazy.

3- You think I'm crazy and it's true,
I'm crazy for you.

4- Take my hand,
I'm a make you love me again.

5- It doesn't matter where you're from.
we're all together here as one.

6- The taste of your lips got me feeling high,
girl, I swear you're an angel in disguise.

7- The pretty face don't compare to what's inside.

8- Don't you worry 'bout a thing,
no hurry 'cause a love like this is forever.

9- You're gonna love this, just wait,
take my hand don't hesitate.

10- I swear, you're an angel in disguise.

11- I know love it comes and goes
but this right here
I don't think that I ever wanna let it go.

12- They don't even know a thing
we'll show 'em all
that we're much better together.

13- Run wild and never look back.

14- Look in your eyes got me hypnotized.

15- I'll never let her go.

16- The love we got is so untouchable.

17- People say, play it safe,
but I don't wanna live that  way.

18- 'Cause I'm lost in love, lost in love
and I don't wanna be found.

19- This is just unreal
and all around the world
I've never seen a girl
that makes me crazy, baby,
girl you're just amazing.

20- Got the whole world up against us
they wanna see us fall
but our love is like a castle
they can't break down the walls.

21- People say, play it safe,
but I don't wanna live that way,
take a chance, change the game
at show 'em that we're not afraid.

22- When you know some stupid boy's
just trying to break your heart,
don't even play his game,
he doesn't see how beautiful you are.

23- Baby listen to me,
you're more than all that I need.

24- Our love is like a castle
they can't break dow the walls.

25- Not matter what you do,
you look beautiful.

26- When you're feeling like
the world is pushing on your chest
don't let it get to you,
sometimes you gotta step back and take a breath,
find a different point of view.

27- We are the light that's shining now.

28- Imagine us in paradise,
somewhere only we know
and in that place, we'll live our lives.